We offer hundreds of services many low-income individuals and families normally cannot afford!

We will increase the number of affordable services as we grow financially; as of now, we offer minor car repairs; minor pet care for injured pets, and much more, but due to the high demand for these services, there will be a waiting list, so we will give you financial thank you gifts  for being  so patient with us!

To help us to be financially strong and to provide quicker services we offer a special membership plan!

Our special membership-plan will help us to provide life-changing services to over 45 million of our nation's citizens someday, but until it does, we will do all we can to provide our new-members many great money saving services, and income opportunities too! 

We have a referral income-opportunity!

Please call us about our referral income opportunity; we try our best to share our growing wealth with others, because this is another way we help people financially, so we will be thinking all the time of ways to help our members to save money, and make money!